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Thus, we can assume that the primary way the animation was total animation. Animation (from FR. It has greatly reduced the travel time to Los Angeles and back. Subsequently, the animation became a part of cinema, taking it in a firm place as one of the genres. Animation (from FR.

In early 1910 "Company Biographer" sent Director D. Old citrus cannery was converted to regulated the cab yard, with the aim of improving the transport situation for the inhabitants of Hollywood. To create hand-drawn animation existed multitaski, representing a complex of reproduction with special cinematographic apparatus, generally having a design similar to the apparatus for composite photography and allows you to adjust the opening angle of the obturator and to perform dimming and nodules.

This bill was supported by the Hollywood chamber of Commerce and City Council of Los Angeles. The first step to cinema was made in 1685 when he invented the "magic lantern" — camera obscura. For this purpose were defined borders. The bill 588 Assembly was received by the Governor on August 28, 2006 and now Hollywood has official boundaries. 16 February 2005 Assembly members Goldberg and Careca introduced a bill requiring California registered the independence of Hollywood. Watching movies is a part of modern culture. wells. multiplicatio — multiplication, increase, growth, reproduction) — the techniques for creating the illusion of moving images (motion and/or change the shape of objects morphing) using a sequence of still images (frames), changing each other with some frequency. The second step to cinema made in 1832 Michael Faraday and his friend Max Roger.